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The Treasure Traders are the best-kept secret among treasure-seekers; buyers and sellers alike. We offer our clients access to high quality estate merchandise and rare unique treasures that have been in private collections, lost & or hidden away for years, decades, even centuries. Based Out Of Clearwater, Florida - We Are The Tampa Bay Areas #1 Estate Jewelry, Luxury Watch, Rare Coin & Precious Metal Dealers. We also actively purchase Period Antiques, Collectibles, Decorative Fine Art, Artifacts & Relics. With A Very Casual,Outstanding, Honest and Reliable Reputation. 


Brian and Nicole started their passion together in 1999 by purchasing Fine Estate & Costume Jewelry, Watches & Coins, Precious Metals, Estate Diamonds, Antiques & Collectibles, Decorative & Fine Arts, Designer Handbags & Luxury Accessories, Fine Furnishings, General Estate Merchandise, and Most Pre-Owned Personal Property Of Value. They purchased and acquired these items from local auctions, estate sales, garage sales and by running wanted ads in the local newspapers. They quickly realized their was a market for the service they offered.  Everybody had something for sale. At this time they started to put a network of buyers together to sell all they had purchased. This was easy to them also, buyers were everywhere, online, local dealers and wholesalers, even having garage sales from their home. Brian and Nicole earned the nick name The Treasure Traders from a wholesale client who one day said "Here Come The Treasure Traders". A family Owned & Operated Business was born. For 17 years they have been Specializing In The Acquisition, Purchase, Sale, Discovery, Recovery, Preservation & Appraisal Of Fine Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Arts, Artifacts & Relics, Complete Estates, Entire Collections, Family Heirlooms, Shipwreck Treasures, Classic, Sports and Luxury Vehicles and Much More. If You like very casual real people who wear tee-shirts, flip flops and board shorts, you will love doing business with them. 


To discover, recover & acquire by purchase, family heirlooms, private collections, estates, shipwreck treasure, antiques, collectibles, artifacts & relics, fine jewelry, precious metals, estate diamonds, decorative and fine arts, luxury and designer & accessories, fine estate and quality pre-owned personal property. Salvage, repair restore and catalog these items, then re-market them for everyone to enjoy, making a fair profit and having fun in the process. Always remaining real and true... Our purpose is to promote the highest standards of professionalism in the preservation of both the artifacts and the historical information discovered from these recovered treasures

Put our award winning services to work for you. Contact us today! @ (727)484-0146

We are always accepting individual items, collections and estates on consignment for future gallery sales, online auctions, brokered sale or even for outright purchase.