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Estate, Moving & Garage Sale Services

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Moving, Estate & Garage Sale Hosting 

It seems to happen all at once—and it’s overwhelming.  The Family is moving, A loved one is downsizing, moving into assisted living, or has passed on.  So you may face some difficult decisions.  Do you need to sell the home?  What about the contents?  What heirlooms should be kept?  How Much Is it Worth? What items should be sold - how should they be sold and how do you know you’re maximizing their value?  When you’re not sure where to begin, start by calling a The Treasure Traders Estate Specialists.  Since 1999, we’ve been helping families cope with situations just like these. We’ll take care of the details, so you can concentrate on your family’s needs. Put our award winning customizable Estate, Tag, and Moving Sale services to work for you.

We offer 100% turnkey services and support to estate heirs/fiduciaries as well as homeowners who are downsizing, moving or cleaning house. Our goal is to maximize proceeds and protect assets while conducting our sales with integrity from start to finish. We know the business, we train our staff well, we advertise extensively, and we deliver full documentation at sale completion. Ask us for references; they're our best advertisement

What exactly can The Treasure Traders do for me? 

From Hidden Treasures & Décor to Everyday Living We Know the Best Options for Our Client’s Array of Possessions The Treasure Traders is foremost in the estate and personal property resell market. Our estate specialists can assess the value of your estate, personal property and assets including, your Jewelry, Coins and Collections, Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Art, Luxury and Designer Accessories, Automobiles, Boat, Motorcycle and any other personal property even your home, so you will know what prices to expect. With 17 years of estate liquidation experience, we know who is buying what and what prices we’re likely to get. Selling your Estate, Personal Property, Collections and Family Heirlooms with The Treasure Traders guarantees trusted service, honest fair pricing and a successful sale. We can be your single, convenient source for a wide array of services. You can take advantage of all of them, or pick and choose the services you need. From outright purchase, pre sale evaluations, moving arrangements, security, and national advertising to catalogue preparation, gallery exhibition, presentation, and an itemized accounting, you’ll receive the maximum value for your items, heirlooms, collections or estate guaranteed.

Why Choose The Treasure Traders to host your Estate, Tag, Moving or Garage Sale

  • We are a family owned and operated business Estatablished in 1999. We have 17 years of Estate Liquidation Experience

  • We are Fully Licenced, Bonded and Insured. A member of the BBB and the Clearwater Chamber of Commerse both in good standing

  • We offer Free No Obligation Consultations, Verbal Appraisals and Evaluations. Formal Written Appraisals Upon Request

  • Award winning website, services and marketing savvy that brings your items directly to thousands of buyers locally, nationally and globally

  • More traffic equals more buyers, The Treasure Traders receives more traffic than any other estate liquidator, auction house or website. 

  • Thousands spent monthly Marketing, Advertising and Promoting our services, online auctions,  estate sales, brokered sales & more.

  • We believe we are by far the safest and best choice when heirlooms, valuables, estate and personal property needs to be sold.

  • Record-setting prices realized – Thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers since 1999.

  • Competitive Sales Commisions and a referal program with even lower Sales Commissions

  • Customizable Services to meet your families needs. We know every situation is different

  • Honesty, Integrity and Reliability. We are there when you need us.

The first Step To Selling  Is Estimating The Value Of Your Personal Property and Estate Assets.  

The Treasure Traders will provide you with an idea of your properties market value and salability. Supported by our research data base, our appraisers have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your estate, personal property, collections and heirlooms fair market value and its selling points. 

Click Here To Get Your Free Appraisal and Evaluation.  Or Contact us today! @ (727)484-0146

Assets, Contents & Personal Property Evaluation

The Treasure Traders Estate Specialists have knowledge of the current market and will be happy to evaluate the personal property and contents of your home.  You have the choice of an informal verbal consultation, or a detailed type-written appraisal by our certified Graduate Personal Property Appraiser. We offer 17 years of experience with antiques, including furniture, decorative and fine arts, porcelain and glass, silver, jewelry, coins, stamps, and collectibles of all kinds.  We can give you a quick, accurate assessment of what the market will bear. Then, if you want, we can arrange a estate sale, online auction, buy them outright or consign them to our estate liquidation warehouse and gallery.  The Treasure Traders Estate Sales are renowned throughout the estate sale and auction industry.  Collectors and dealers around the world follow our sales and auctions closely, so we have the ability to find motivated buyers looking for the items you have to sell.  Your property will be in hands of a trusted professional. 

The Treasure Traders will aggressively market your contents and property; in fact, many of the items we advertise for sale are pre-sold before the day of sale.  If necessary, The Treasure Traders  can auction items online quickly — which can be particularly helpful if money is needed to cover medical expenses or the cost of assisted living.  If a traditional brokerage sale is preferred, as licensed real estate agents, The Treasure Traders can multiple list your property.  In addition, we have a network of buyers who are interested in older “fixer upper” properties. Either way, we do our utmost to get the best price for your home, automobile, contents, jewelry, collectibles, coins, antiques and fine art. 

Post Sale Moving & Cleanout

Next to sorting personal property, preparing to move can be the most time-consuming and exhausting task you’ll have to deal with.  Why not let us handle it for you?  We’re familiar with the local movers and work with them often.  So it’s easy for us to arrange the details of a move, and set it up quickly.  We can arrange temporary or permanent storage if necessary. Even if you’ve removed everything of value, you may still have a lot of items left over.  Sorting those can be an exhausting and seemingly endless task.  The Treasure Traders Estate Specialist can arrange a clean-out of the home, donating items to charity and disposing of others that can’t be sold or given away. Most of all, we understand. We know it may be a difficult time, and we’ll always respect your wishes and directives. To find out what we can do for you, call us @ (727) 484-0146 or email thetreasuretradersinc@gmail.com.  We’ll be happy to tell you more about our services, fees, and any other information you may need.